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I'm baaackkkkk....

The good news - I've been busy with recruiting and on-boarding new hires for our company. The bad news - my job here as employment guide and guru is far from over.
Here is a sampling of reasons for leaving your last job that shouldn't be included on or anywhere near your applications/resumes:
- I need more money (so think we all but don't put it in writing!)
- I didn't show up for work on a holiday (let the apologies begin ..)
- DUI (honest but TMI this early in the game)
- Negative, unorganized atmosphere (was it a bring-your-own party?)
- Lacrosse season started (not quite the work ethics employers prefer)
- I was discharged without a stated reason (really??)
- co-worker tried to fight me (and no one to turn to at all?)
- I did not like the job & the other employees are very lazy ('nough said)
- I broke both legs in June and didn't produce a doctor's excuse (think this through - if you have two broken legs & you can't show up to work for your boss to see what actually happened, it's really not that unreasonable for an employer to ask you to have your doctor's office fax in your excuse or have a family member drop it off if you can't make it to work.)
And my personal favorite?
- unhappy
A pen is a loaded weapon that can easily be used against you so please handle it with care when applying for jobs!