evilcatbert knows all!

Bringing you the world from on high. As cats are curious, independent and sure they know everything, prepare to be enlightened.


Game, Set, No Match.....

What the job applicant sees for our job posting:

Clerical position
Pays:  $9 to $10/hr.

What was received in response to above posting:

Forklift/Warehouse Experience
Position Desired:  Full-time
Salary Desired:  $13/hr.

What does evilcatbert see?  Someone without the experience we requested for this job emails us that he wants more money than we are willing to pay and expects benefits that this position doesn't include. 
Even if you don't think I mean what I say, I will always listen to what you tell me and the meaning in this case is very clear - this applicant would not be happy in the job I actually have so he needs to find the job he actually wants somewhere else.  
Job postings are not like Amazon wishlists (full of a lot of stuff we'd all like to have but don't really expect to get).  So do yourself a favor by reading them carefully and respecting what they tell you if you truly want to be taken seriously by people on the other end of your too often unanswered emails.


Cell Phone Conundrum

Have you noticed that the more prevalent cell phones are, the less they are being used for their original purpose - communicating with other people?  Once upon a time phones were actually used to convey important but disappointing news like "I'm going to be late for my shift today,"  "I'm going to have to postpone/cancel our interview."  "I'm not coming in today - sorry." 
But the forces of darkness have somehow subverted this mission.  Now their ability to take pictures, run apps, explore the net, as well as download music, podcasts and books have overwhelmed cell phone users to the point of paralysis.  It's no wonder they can't remember to call their employers - they barely call their friends. Cell phones may have made life more entertaining but unfortunately the people in our lives have assumed less significance.
I can't help but wonder if ET would have ever called home if he'd had a cell phone.


Another one bites the dust ...

Their reason for leaving their last position?
"I do not like the job and the other employees are very lazy." 
The truth shall indeed set you free - from the job you are trying to get.  Stick to the facts, grasshopper, opinions do not belong on your job application.


Quote for the Day

If you tell me your last boss had a bad attitude, I promise not to hire you.


Care & Feeding of the Catberts in your Life

Let the unsolicited advice begin!

My three simple rules for job seekers are 1) Don't make me work harder than you do to figure out why I should hire you (if I ask for a dog and you're a cat, it's not a good fit unless you can demonstrate to me why a cat might have the skills I need to fill this job). 2) Find a way to make me laugh (but not by overreaching and telling me you're Superman and can do everything - heard that one a bit too many times before to laugh about it now). 3) Listen to what I'm telling you I need - I really do mean what I say in my job ads or postings. If you were reading a personal ad and I clearly said I only date blondes, would you call me up to argue with me about not liking dark hair or would you do the smart thing and dye your hair? I want the blonde - even a fake one. At least it tells me your trying! Good luck in your job search - I know how hard it can be.

Personal aside: Happy 80 + 1 to my lovely mother whose b'day was yesterday. Love you!