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Cell Phone Conundrum

Have you noticed that the more prevalent cell phones are, the less they are being used for their original purpose - communicating with other people?  Once upon a time phones were actually used to convey important but disappointing news like "I'm going to be late for my shift today,"  "I'm going to have to postpone/cancel our interview."  "I'm not coming in today - sorry." 
But the forces of darkness have somehow subverted this mission.  Now their ability to take pictures, run apps, explore the net, as well as download music, podcasts and books have overwhelmed cell phone users to the point of paralysis.  It's no wonder they can't remember to call their employers - they barely call their friends. Cell phones may have made life more entertaining but unfortunately the people in our lives have assumed less significance.
I can't help but wonder if ET would have ever called home if he'd had a cell phone.

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