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Care & Feeding of the Catberts in your Life

Let the unsolicited advice begin!

My three simple rules for job seekers are 1) Don't make me work harder than you do to figure out why I should hire you (if I ask for a dog and you're a cat, it's not a good fit unless you can demonstrate to me why a cat might have the skills I need to fill this job). 2) Find a way to make me laugh (but not by overreaching and telling me you're Superman and can do everything - heard that one a bit too many times before to laugh about it now). 3) Listen to what I'm telling you I need - I really do mean what I say in my job ads or postings. If you were reading a personal ad and I clearly said I only date blondes, would you call me up to argue with me about not liking dark hair or would you do the smart thing and dye your hair? I want the blonde - even a fake one. At least it tells me your trying! Good luck in your job search - I know how hard it can be.

Personal aside: Happy 80 + 1 to my lovely mother whose b'day was yesterday. Love you!

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