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Back to Basic Training....

If you truly want an employer to take your job candidacy seriously:
- don't reference any other employers when submitting a resume (for example don't say you really want to work at Company Y when you're sending a resume to Company X).
- don't say you are looking for full-time work (even if true) when applying for a part-time position (even better explain why part-time work makes sense for you and/or your lifestyle)
- don't include an objective/cover letter that states you want a job in a different industry.
- don't include photos or other personal information such as age, sex, religion, race, etc.
- do include relevant direct job experience (if you've done it before, list that experience first)
- do tie your indirect experience back to what the employer needs (how what you did before demonstrates you can do a good job at what they need the candidate to do now).
- do explain to them how it makes sense to consider you for their opening (for example - if you are applying for a job in another state and you will be living there - say so - don't just send a resume with an out of state address on it). If your application doesn't make sense on the surface of it, you will not be considered for hire as the employer doesn't have the time to figure it out and won't spend any time asking when other applicants' applications seem to make more sense.
- do make it as easy for an employer to reach you if interested and call them back promptly when they are calling you for an interview - every minute that you let pass means they are calling another candidate for the job.
Bottom line: show the employer you want to work for them, that you have the skills they need and that you understand business by making it easy for the employer to hire you.

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