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The most wonderful time of the year ....

It's NFL draft day - the biggest, baddest recruiting day of them all! I'm doing my Snoopy dance of happiness and waiting for that clock to start running. Offensive lineman aren't the glamour boys of the league but we (meaning Aaron Rodgers actually) can't survive the game without them - find us a tackle, Ted - our old ones are breaking down! Outside linerbacker? Some good ones should still be on the board when we arrive fashionably late for the first round. Cornerbacks? We got the Woodman (Charles "The Man" Woodson can lay you out!) and Al's working his way back to us so some rookie will have a lot to live up to. Safety? Are you hearing footsteps Atari? You gotta keep ahead of the competition cuz it's coming. Stay tuned football fanatics. We'll know when we hit pick #23. Go Pack!

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