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On the radio.....

I was listening to Charlie Sykes' program on WTMJ this morning. He read an email from an applicant interested in an internship who was outraged (and expressed it!) that the organization didn't return his email when he's waited an entire 24 hours for them to respond. The applicant stated how appalled he was by their lack of professionalism, how it cast doubt on whether he'd consider working for such a company, etc, etc. The topic for discussion was whether these types of emails are actually sent to employers and how would listeners handle them. The answer to the first part of the discussion is an emphatic yes. People not only write but submit outrageous emails to employers - it's a growing trend. One of my more notable recent ones was in response to an email I, as a courtesy, sent to an applicant letting him know why he would not be hearing from us any further:
John (name has been changed to protect the guilty!),
Just wrote you about this position being on hold and
asking if you would be interested later if it opens up.
Just read through your application more closely.
Since you are looking for full-time work (this is part time)
and this position pays substantially less than you are expecting,
it wouldn't be a good fit.

My less than courteous reply from the job applicant?
"Unfortunately you must have a fear of someone who has a masters degree and has excelled at a higher level than you will ever obtain. While it is true I am looking for full time due to state of economy I would accept part time for now. I only work for establishments that encourage people to excell to a new level obviously you are not one of those places."
The next time you wonder why an employer doesn't contact you (unless it's for an interview), remember this missive. I'm filing this one under the very large category of "no good deed goes unpunished."

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