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Have you napalmed a bridge today?

I often read on HR related blogs and websites about applicants who are unhappy about the lack of feedback they receive when applying for open positions. It doesn't help the cause of applicant nation, however, when one of their own returns a courtesy email (which many claim they would be content to receive) with a snarky response. To tell you the truth, it doesn't help the applicant much either.
Case in point. I recently posted for a part-time night auditor (desk clerk) position. I received about 70+ emails out of which we interviewed seven candidates and hired one of them. While I'm not able to respond to everyone who applied due to the 70+ to 1 ratio, I do try (as time and workload allow) to let as many of them know as possible that the position has been filled so they can focus their attention on other potential jobs for themselves. While these update emails are often received in silence, an occasional applicant will stand out from the crowd.
The positive ones reply with a quick "thanks for letting me know." The negative ones just respond badly. In this case it was "Shouldnt of bothered after almost 3wks discard my info." His reward? Demotion to the penalty box of the internet; his email address is now registered on the blocked junk mail list.
While I can understand the frustration of unsuccessful job hunters, it's never a wise move to act out of that frustration. This candidate just expanded his no-hire status from a single job to an entire company. That's how the bridges burned today can continue to light the way to the unemployment line for a very long time to come.

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